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TWC #11 - CXG S1E9: I’m Going to the Beach with Josh and His Friends!

January 20, 2019

Special guest HARRISON CHUTE from the BAGELS AFTER MIDNIGHT YouTube channel joins us on this extra-long episode! Happy 1-Year Anniversary to the Team West Covina Podcast!

Podcast Questions from this episode (please share thoughts on Team West Covina social media or through private message!):

- Greg complains that Josh is actually “controlling and bossy” underneath his laidback attitude. Outside of Josh trying to separate Rebecca and Valencia, and trying to keep things the same as they were in high school, do we think Josh is genuinely laidback, or that he has control issues?

Poll Question on Team West Covina social media:

Where would you take friends on a group hang?

- Beach
- Art museum
- Sad movie
- “Hispanic” restaurant


**SPOILERS** possible from all CXG episodes that have aired.

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